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Chopped strand mat
CSM,powder bonded
CSM,emulsion bonded

0Woven roving

Stich bonded fabrics

Glassfiber roving
Spray up roving
Direct roving/filament winding roving
Panel roving
SMC roving
Gypsum roving
Alkali-resistant roving
Hobas roving

Glassfiber yarn

Texturized yarn

Glassfiber chopped strands
Chopped strands for thermosetting/thermoplastics
Chopped strands for GRC
Wet chopped strands for glass paper

Glassfiber tissue/mat
Special facing mat
Flooring mat
Roofing mat
FRP surfacing mat
Pipe wrap mat
Battery separator mat
Glassfiber tissue for copper-cladded laminate

Glassfiber sleeving

Glassfiber fabric

Alkali-resistant glassfiber mesh fabrics
Wall mesh,GRC mesh and mesh for the reinforcemen of stones
Self-adhesive glassfiber mesh tapes
Fiberglass mesh for filtering aluminium
Mesh for pavement

Glass marbles
E-glass marbles
A.R.glass marbles

Microfibers for airfilter paper
Microfibers for battery separators

FRP products
FRP flangs
FRP Gratings

Ceramic Knives

Culinary ceramic knives

Glass microfiber filter media

 Glass microfiber filter media

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