Wall mesh,GRC mesh and mesh for the reinforcemen of stones
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Wall Fabrics

Characteristics: --Highly resistant to alkali --Dimensional stability


  • Mesh size: 5×5mm
  • Standard Width: 1000mm
  • Standard length: 50meters
  • Weave: leno
  • Material: (C-glass)
    Warp: glass filament 90 tex
    Weft: glass roving 459 tex
  • Weight:
    Raw: 127 ±6 g/m2
    Coating: 18 ±3 g/m2
    Finished products: 145 ±6 g/m2
  • Tensile strength:
    Warp: ca 500 N/25mm
    Weft: ca 640 N/25mm

GRC Mesh Fabrics

Our coated alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh fabrics have passed the inspection of the State Fiberglass Inspection Center. With its performance leading products of the same kind in the country, it is the first choice of our customers for modeling and forming. It is a recommended product of the GRC Industrial Association.


  • Mesh size: 10×10mm
  • Width: 580mm~1000mm~1200mm
  • Length of roll: 20/50/100meters
  • Weave: leno
  • Material: (C-glass)
    Warp: glass filament 255 tex
    Weft: glass roving 561 tex
  • Weight:
    Raw: 107 ±6 g/m2
    Coating: 18 ±4 g/m2
    Finished products: 125 ±6 g/m2
  • Tensile strength:
    Warp: ca 800 N/25mm
    Weft: ca 900 N/25mm

Strong Mesh Fabrics for Stones

Our strong mesh fabrics for stones are used to enhance the anti-pull strength of stones, to increase the rate of finished products and to improve construction performance. Their packing size is 100m-300m and the maximum width is 1,750mm.


  • Mesh size: 4×5mm
  • Width: 1000mm~1200mm~1300mm~1500mm~1750mm
  • Length of roll: 50/100/200/300meters
  • Weave: leno
  • Material: (C-glass)
  • Warp: glass filament 32 tex
  • Weft: glass roving 255 tex
  • Weight:
  • Raw: 67 ±5 g/m2
  • Coating: 13 ±2 g/m2
  • Finished products: 80 ±5 g/m2
  • Tensile strength:
  • Warp: 300N/25mm
  • Weft: 360N/25mm


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