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Glassfiber tissue for copper-cladded laminate

Glassfiber tissue for copper-cladded laminate is soecially used as the main material in the copper-cladded laminate of electric industry. This type if tissus is characterized by uniform fiber dispersion, high tensile strength, good solvent resistance, and well compatible with resion. Using the copper-cladded laminate fo type CEM-3 made if this tissue features good processability, electricity leaking resistance, moisture resistance, and excellent aggressive media in the electricity. Its also capable of significantly protecting envitonment. This tissue is comparable to similar products in the world market in terms of sepecifications.


Item Unit S-PT-50 S-PT-75 S-PT-105
Area Weight g/m2 50 75 105
Monofilament Diameter um <9 <9 <9
Fiber Length mm 11±1 11±1 11±1
Binder Content % 11±2 11±2 11±2
Tesile Strength MD N/mm >=3.5 >=4.0 >=4.5
Tesile Strength CMD N/mm >=2.0 >=2.5 >=3.0
Strength after soaking acetone MD N/mm >=1.5 >=3.5 >=4.0
CD N/mm >=1.0 >=2.0 >=4.0
Width mm
1050+6 1250+6
     0      0
Roll Length m
Roll Diameter m
Paper Core Internal Dia mm
76 152
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