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Braided with E-glass fiber yarn,this product has wide applications in electrical motors,instruments,radios,TV sets,electrical fans and other appliances as an electrical insulation material which protects the electrical wire and cable with reliable insulation.

Item no. Commodity Insiade Dia(mm) Temp Resistance(C) Volt Resistance Color
VT Polyester Fiber Sleeving 0.5-20 120 1500-2500 Blue,Green,Red
SSG Silicon Fiber Sleeving 1.0-20 180 1500-4000 White,Red,Black
HS Heat-shrinkable Tubing 1.0-30 125 2500 Black
PT PVC Tubing 24 105 2500 Transparent Black
SRT Silicon Rubber Tubing 0.5-50 180 2500-15000 White
FRT Fiberglass Silicon Rubber Sleeving 1.0-50 180 2500-15000 White
FRS Silicon Rubber Glassfiber Sleeving 1.0-20 180 2500-15000 White


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