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Special facing mat

C-SH mat is mainly use as the facing material for gypsum board,mineral wool board and glass wool board.It featrues in dimensional stability and uniformity, corrosion and heat resistance as well as high wet strength and strong adhesion. By replacing paper facing with glassfiber mat, a special fire-proof board thus formed becomes a non-inflammable material with its fire reardation grade rising up to Class A. This kind of special fire-proof board is light in weight, flat on top, good in edge profile. its excellent heat insulation and high temperature stability will make it perfact in combination with its unique white color and elegant style. Characterized by bright color and three-dimensional effect, the printed pattern board, deco board and perforated sound insulation deco board manufactured with C-SH mat are ideal non-inflammable deco materials for constructions or partitions and ceiling inside and boats where fire-reardation requirments are tighter than usual.

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