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Glassfiber yarn is made from many 4-9 micros glassfiber filaments which are then gathered and twisted into one finished yarn.It is widely used in production of fabric as finished well as electrical wrapping materials.The individual requirement of any fabric shall be satisfied by adjusting filament diameter,tex no.,yarn twist and no.of plied yarn as well.


  • Good weaving characteristics
  • Good heat treatment performance
Item No. Twist Breaking Strength (N/Tex) Kg/Bobbin
ECG75 1/0 Z28-120 0.4 3.5-4.0
ECG75 1/2 S28-120 0.4 3.5-4.0
ECG37 1/0 Z28-120 0.4 3.5-4.0
ECG37 1/2 S28-120 0.4 3.5-4.0
  • Type of glass:E-glass
  • Sizing type:starch
  • Filament dia:9um
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