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Battery separator mat

Battery separator mat is mainly used as substrate for lead-acid battery separator plate.It is characterized by smooth surface,uniform thickness,low DC mass resistivty,high absorption capacity,good acid resistance,low content of deoxidized KMnO4 organic substance and impurity as well as proper stiffness.The compound separator plate made of battery separator mat with PVC or rubber coating has the advantages of better machanic strength and vibration resistance,low mass resistivty,high porosity and large capacity.The battery fixed up with this type of separator plates possesses stronger starting power and longer lifetime so that it has become a trend to replace the traditional separator plate with this novel compound plate made of glassfiber and rubber/PVC.The property data of the battery fixed up with battery separator mat plate meet all the specifications specified in Janpanese industrial standard JIS-C2202 Glassfiber Mat for Lead-acid Storage Battery.At the same time,the compound plate made of battery separator mat is also in conformity with the specifications detailed in JB 3385-91,a mechanic industry standard of the People's Republic of China.


Item Unit C-SAB0.30 C-SAB0.40 C-SAB0.60 C-SAB0.80
Binder Content % 16 16 15 14
Thickness mm 0.30 0.40 0.60 0.80
Acid resistance/72hrs % <3.00 <3.00 <3.00 <3.00
Tensile Strength MD N/5cm >=60 >=80 >=120 >=160
Wetting time s <100 <25 <10 <10
Acid resistance/15min % <2.0 <2.0 <2.0 <2.0
WidthxLength mxm 1.0X2500 1.0X2500 1.0x2000 1.0X1500
Roll Diameter cm <117 <117 <117 <117
Paper Core Internal Dia cm 15 15 15 15

Test method according to DIN53885,referred to JB7630

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