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CSM,emulsion bonded

It is made of glassfiber strand or roving which is chopped into 50mm long and distributed on mat machine uniformly and continuously.Emulsion polyester is used. Usage:suitable for manufacturing FRP panel, yacht, bathtub, tank, and plate by hand layup.

  • Highly transparent,easy de-moulding.
  • Resin content is high with good density.
  • Coupling agent:silane
  • Good wet-out,easy to operate,saving cost
  • Good moulding
Product specification Density Width Moisture content Loss ignition
MC300-104/125 300g/sqm 1.04/1.25m 0.1% 2-5%
MC450-104/125 450g/sqm 1.04/1.25m 0.1% 2-5%
MC600-104/125 600g/sqm 1.04/1.25m 0.1% 2-5%

Packing:each roll in plastic bag,then in paper carton,30kgs/roll.

  • Filament dia:13um
  • Chopped strands length:5cm
  • Sizing type:silane
  • Binder content:5-6%
  • Moisture content:less 0.15%
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