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AR fiberglass roving is the base material to make fiberglass reinforced cement (GRC). As a light, high strength, incombustible, designable and easy shapped materials. GRC has been widly sued in building industry as board, corrugated roofing sheet,division panel, internal and external insulation panel, decorative panel, duct panel, cable box, granary, channels drainage and irrigation, garden feature, artistic sculpture and etc.

Soaked in 100 C saturated Ca (oh)2 insolution for 4 hours,remained filament strength is more than 82%,diameter diminution is less 0.5%


  • Type of glass:AR-glass
  • Filament diameter:14um
  • Tex (g/km):2400
  • Finish:silance
  • Sizing content:1.5-2.2%
  • Stiffness :>120mm
  • ZrO2:16.5%
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