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Pipe wrap mat

Pipe wrap mat is used as base material for anti-corrosion wrapping on steel pipelines that buried underground for oil or gas transportation. Its characterized by high tensile strength, good flexibility, unfirm thickness, solvent resistance, moisture resistance, non-rotting and flame retardation. Its well compatible with impregnating bitumen or coal tar enamel. The oil or gas pipelines wrapped by pip wrap mat pre0impregnated with bitumen or coal tar enamel acquire excellent capabilities against leakage and aggressive media in the environment so that the cost for maintenance and replacement can be minimized significantly and the life time of pipeline may be prolonged up to 50-60 tears. Authoritative tests have proven that the property data of mats in Pipe wrap mat series can all meet or surpass the technical specification stated in SY/T0079, The oil and gas industry stardard of the People's Republic of China, and meet the requirement in the specification of AWWA C-203 as well. Theis mat is an ideal base material as inner wrap or outer wrap impregnated by bitumen or coal tar enamel.


Item Unit C-PM-50/30 C-PM-60/30 C-PM-90/30
Linera density of reiforcement yarn Tex 34~68 34~68 34~68
Space Between yarns mm 30 30 30
Area Weight g/m2 50 60 90
Binder Content % 16 16 16
Thickness mm 0.55 0.63 0.78
Tensile Strength MD N/5cm >=200 >=220 >=280
Tensile Strength CMD N/5cm >=70 >=90 >=140
WidthxLength mxm 1.0X2500 1.0X2000 1.0X1500
Roll Diameter cm <117 <117 <117
Paper Core Internal Dia cm 15 15 15

Test method referred to AWWA C-203

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