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Flooring Glassfiber Mat

Glooring mat is mainly used as substrates for plastic flooring and wall covering materials. It features in uniform thickness, dimensional stabillty, non-deformation and non-distortion under increased temperature, resistant against mildew and easy impregnation with resin coating. The PVC cuhion and vinyl flooring made from this substrate is an ideal decorative material for floor decoration in domestic residences on account for their characteristics. By further processing, this mat can be manufactured into a variely of color facing materials to be used in the internal decoration in elegant hotels.


Item Unit FH0.30 FH0.40 FH0.50
Binder Content % 25 22 22
Thinkness mm 0.33 0.40 0.52
Are Permeability m3/m2XS <4.5 <4.4 <3.8
Tehsile Stength MD N/3cm >=120 >=136 >=175
Tehsile Stength CMD N/5cm >=80 >=112 >=140
WidthXlength mxm 2.08X2500 2.08X2500 2.08X2000
Roll Diameter cm <117 <117 <117
Paper Core Internal Dia cm 5 5 5

Test method referred to DIN53887, DIN53855

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