Stich Bonded Fabrics

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Stich bonded fiberglass fabrics is a kind of multiplayer composite made from roving.Each layer is arranged uni-directionaly and parallelly in 0,90 ±45 direction.With one outer layer of chopped strand,multiaxial fabric,mat and multiplayer fabric can be produced. Stich bonded fabrics can be used in pultrusion process,open lay-up,resin transfer moulding (RTM) process.The end products are:boat shell,automotive parts,laminates,structural shapes and etc.


  • No any binder
  • Faster wet-out
  • Easy in operation process
  • Higher strength in certain direction


Width(m) Weight(g/m2)
1.6 300
1.6 450
1.6 600
1.6 900
1.6 1020


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