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Glassfiber texturized yarn is made from E-glass fiber which is texturized through special instrument with high pressure air.It is as high strength as continuous fiber and as bulky as staple fiber.It has some good properties,such as high temperature resistance,anti-corrosion,high dust-accommodation and high filterability,and moreover it has no harm to human body. Texturized yarn can be used not only as filter cloth,decorative fabric and insulating fabric,but also as a good replacement to asbestos products.

Index EC6-400T430
Filament diameter (um) 6 9 9
Linear density (tex) 430±43 430±43 860±86
Linear un-unformity rate(%) <=7 <=7 <=7
Breaking Strength(N) >=60 >=60 >=100
Temperature resistance(C°) <550 <550 <550
Thermal conductivity Coefficient(Kcal/m.h.C°) <0.035 <0.035 <0.035


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